Aim for creative
French,I’d like to cook
like playing music.

When I’ve been in LA , I met jazz musician Joe Sample, he loved my cooking of style which just keep to be his taste even after I left US. When I ’m cooking obscurely in Daikanyama Tokyo to use as rhythm and groove that from he taught.Joe stood godfather to Le Sample.

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* One day menu

French Cuisine ,
but occasionally Japanese style.

My life in LA and Seattle US were over 2 0 years. I've learned N O! the things are not to stop learning French American Culinary style. The American so called "Melting Pot of Races" there is overflowing various of food cultures and tradition s from around the world. As Japanese person I could experience to make full use of their wonderful materials to be fusion with Japanese culture that I got the original style.


Reservation required、
there is a reason to serve
Chef s menu only.

We are stocking or buying the ingredients when we received reservations, then I imagine the customer s what preference , also in consideration of the food waste. And what I value is freshness of the material s to provide to customers.


Sticking for
Face to Face
counter style

There is only 7 seats in the restaurant. The Chef thinks the maximum number is 7 that he could serve and prep the dishes as the best condition , and he feels to take a look at the customer s voices and expressions while cooking. Please enjoy your meals as if an improvisation of jazz session to sense with eye contact.

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To Value our Customers〜Notice of price revision〜
Notice of the price change for Pairing Course Menu:
Although we’ve been striving to keep the price, can’t escape this bad price hike situation.
We’d like to change the price as follows:

Effectiveness to begin November 1st 2023.

Pairing course 12,700yen → new price 13,300yen

We ask for your kind understanding and cooperation.
Thank you very much.

Le Sample Chef Koh October 31st 2022
LeSample efforts to address COVID 19
Our Infection Control Measures:

  • Employees must be thorough HAND WASH GARGLE
  • Inside of shop keep DISINFECTION and CLEANING
  • While Business Hours VENTILATION regularly
  • To install the CLEAR PARTITION between the seats
2022/4/28   Notice of website opening

We have opened Le Sample WEB site . Going forward, we’d like to spread for your more information minute detail In the site.
Thank you very much.

Reservations can be made directly via tel or the reservation site.

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